Lake Chemung


Lake Chemung is Located in Genoa Township in Brighton MI. It's a public lake and it's a good size, at about 310 acres. The deepest point is about 70ft, and it's part of the Shiawassee River watershed. It connects to Thompson Lake and Earl Lake in Howell via a creek. But the connection is not navigable. Like many lakes in this region, it was platted as a "summer cottage" lake back in the 20's and 30's. As a result, most of the lots are narrow, average 40-50ft wide, and a large number of the homes are close together. Therefore, the housing density is high. Many of the homes have been converted from summer cottages to year round homes.There are no public beaches on Lake Chemung. But the DNR maintains a public boat launch on Hughes Rd. There's also a small public picnic area on Grand River. Lake Chemung is one of the largest public lakes in Livingston County.

Lake Chemung Homes