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Thompson Lake

Thompson Lake is located in Howell MI. Part of the lake is in the city limits of Howell and the other part is in Oceola Township. It's part of the Shiawassee River watershed, and it connects to Earl Lake in Howell and Lake Chemung in Brighton via a creek. But it's not navigable. It was created in 1834 when Moses Thompson built a grist mill at one end of the lake and installed a dam. The result was, three small lakes became one large lake. It's approximately 275 acres and the deepest point is about 60ft. It's one if the largest semi-private lakes in the county. Acess is limited to residents of the city of Howell, Oceola Twp, Genoa Twp and Marion Twp. Non-Residents may buy a daily pass for $20 or an annual pass for $80. The City of Howell Parks and Recreation Dept maintains the boat launch as well as a large, heavily wooded park, a beach, picnic grounds, play grounds and a cemetery. It's the only semi-private lake in the county with a such a large park located on it. As a result of so much shoreline that's devoted to the park, beach, cemetery and boat launch, the housing density on Thompson Lake is one if the lowest in the county. Homes on Thompson lake vary from summer cottages that have been converted to year round homes, to lavish new homes.

Thompson Lake Homes